1. **What Are the Different Types of Headstones?**
   * Answer: Headstones come in various shapes, sizes, and material granite. They may include options like flat markers, slant markers, upright monuments, or ledgers.
2. **How Do I Choose the Right Inscription?**
   * Answer: We will offer cost free assistance in selecting the appropriate inscription. Consider including the deceased’s name, birth and death dates, and a brief epitaph or quote that encapsulates their life.
3. **What Are the Costs Associated with a Headstone?**
   * Answer: Costs can vary widely based on the size, material, design, and any customizations. It is best to discuss your budget with the provider to find an option that suits your needs. Otherwise our simplest style on standard size headstone could have a cost of $3K NZD
4. **How Long Does It Take to Create and Install a Headstone?**
   * Answer: We would do pre-orders as it takes approximately 3 months to arrive in Cook Islands
5. **Can I Customize the Headstone?**
   * Answer: Yes we do customized headstones of any styles you would like. We will give you an option to put massive amount of wordings that would be carved by our qualified artists with ceramic photo of your choice being printed on the headstone within your budget requirements 
7. **How Do I Maintain the Headstone?**
   * Answer: Regular cleaning with non-abrasive materials and gentle soap is usually sufficient.
8. **Is There a Warranty on the Headstone?**
   * Answer: Yes we do cover for insurance for any potiential damage that might occur during transportation process till customers residence.
9. **What if I Need a Headstone in Another State or Country?**
   * Answer: Yes we do provide services to outer islands as well as other countries that are interested in doing business with us based on one condition as long as the customer is willing to pay their own freight cost.
10. **Can I Pre-Purchase a Headstone?**
   * Answer: Yes, you can always choose to pre-order with us and the headstone can be safely stored in our storage container free of cost and we shall deliver to your residence on the unveiling day.
11. **What Are My Options If I Can’t Afford a Headstone?**
   * Answer: We can give you option of doing $1k NZD deposit in order to start the process of your headstone and we will give you ample time to clear the remaining balance before your unveiling date inorder for us to release your item
12. **Is It Possible to Add Another Name to an Existing Headstone?**
   * Answer: No, we do not provide services of any ammendments that are required on the existing headstones